3 Myths About Using Your HVAC in the Summer–Debunked!

Summer in North America is already well under way, and if it isn’t a hot one! With the temperatures soaring and your money tight, you might be tempted to try unconventional ways to beat the staggering heat. But MacGyver methods can actually end up costing more bucks and using more energy. If you want to know what really works with the existing systems for heating and air Atlanta has, be mindful of the following myths:

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Myth # 1: Staying cool is only possible with air conditioning


Many people have it nice in America but a central A/C isn’t exactly a global norm. Thankfully, the world has learned to cope and many handy strategies have come out of it. For instance, if you have a basement, you can sleep down there on a padded carpet or even a yoga mat. See more at Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning


Another idea is to use damp sheets when turning in for the night. There’s also wrapping ice in thin cloth and applying it to your wrists and down your neck. They’re old-fashioned methods but they work so you won’t always have to rely on the typical HVAC system Atlanta GA has.


Myth # 2: Closing vents can boost energy efficiency


While this may seem logical, it can end up costing you a lot more money. Some homes can be effectively divided into zones for individual temperature control. This is not true for houses with the central heating and air Atlanta has. Their systems are balanced to distribute air throughout the entire home.


So, when you close a vent, the AC keeps on cooling without delivering the air to the right places. You’re basically keeping the ducts frosty. Plus, the condenser or compressor can cycle too frequently leading to accelerated wear and tear on the system. If you want to keep just one room cool, switch to a ductless mini split type.


Myth # 3: Cranking the thermostat down cools your house faster


Honestly, this is usually not the case. While some brands and models offer variable speed air handling to adjust output according to demand, most home units for heating and air Atlanta has only have a single fan speed.


What this means is that the indoor temperature of a home will always adjust at a set rate. Switching your thermostat to the lowest setting won’t make any difference as the hot air moves at a set speed. If anything, you’re only wasting energy and pressuring the system. You might even end up paying for the best HVAC repair in Atlanta GA earlier than you expected.


Use Your HVAC Wisely


Given how hot the days have been lately, you could be thinking to give your A/C a beating with reckless usage. Spare your pocket from the pain of exorbitant energy bills and repair fees! Keep the above myths in mind so you can save energy and money.


Should the time come when you need to get a new system or have your existing one repaired, be sure to call in an expert to do the job. Moncrief is a reliable provider of installation and maintenance services. They can handle your old residential unit or the modern commercial air conditioner Atlanta GA has. Give them a call to know more about how they can help you keep your AC in good condition.

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