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As Labels Go, High Care Is Really about the Quality of Care Provided

High care aged care homes are facilities that offer high level of care for their residents. These are highly recommended for residents who require a lot of assistance with their daily activities. From dressing to mobility, high care aged care austrailia has to offer will give seniors an opportunity to live well with the appropriate assistance.

high care aged care

High care aged care is provided for people assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) as someone who requires almost complete assistance with their daily routine. Apart from personal care and meals, team members at a high care facility also manage the medical needs of a resident.

Some of the popular definition of high care facilities are ACAT, CHSP funded service, Consumer Directed Care (CDC), Home Care Packages (HCP), and respite care.

How is high care different from low care?

Low level care is the opposite of high care. If people who need high care aged care are almost fully dependent on nursing staff, those who need low level care are generally independent. They may only need help with certain daily activities, such as taking a shower and cooking meals. If low care only requires medical management, high care will include medication administration.

Whether or not a person needs high or low care is determined by a variety of experts in the field, such as nurses, doctors, and social workers. Before any decision is made, a series of consultations are performed. This involves the individual concerned, their family, and the input of medical and allied health.

What about bonds?

Low level care requires a bond to be paid to the aged care facility upon admission but not high care. So, if you are qualified for Arcare high care aged care, you don’t have to pay a bond to enjoy the services and amenities the facility has to offer.

The amount of money required for a bond is negotiated on a case by case basis. But once a price has been agreed upon and paid, no further expenses will follow.

Within the first month of admission, a comprehensive assessment is usually carried out. The information collected is then supplied to the government so appropriate funding is allocated.

Removal of High and Low Care Distinction

From 1 July 2014, the classification of high care or low care has been removed for all new and existing residents in residential care. This means all residents will be identified as someone approved for permanent aged care.

This was done to ensure simple, flexible, and more transparent arrangements for people in need of permanent residential aged care. Along with its removal are reduced red tape, better care levels provided to residents, and no reduction in the level of services funded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA).

Residents would still be assessed under the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) to determine the level of care needed. This will also help identify the amount of basic subsidy that the Australian government must provide to care residents.

Let Arcare Aged Care in Australia Help

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