Dual occupancy house to cater for the upcoming housing crisis

Since interest rates are rising relentlessly, and median property prices are up by 12% over the past one year, a shortage in the housing market is on its way. Not only that, in case of new home buyers, with their incentives being cut down considerably, affordability crisis is back on its track. With these problems comes along Australia’s ageing population where one out of four people will be aged more than 60 years by 2056. So the state government is groping its way to devise policy that motivates a working solution for housing the families. And high on their program is a dual occupancy house. You can choose to stay ahead of time by building duplex houses, which is a practicable way of maximizing an investment opportunity regardless of whether you want to live in or rent out or lease a part.

Further progress in the dual occupancy home designs

Nowadays, a dual occupancy house is no longer plain side-by-side design that is fit only for wide accommodating blocks. On the contrary, these homes are available in a variety of options; be it in a corner block or on a plot where two homes join one another. But for building such a type of home, there are a few restrictions and zoning requirements that one must adhere to. There are no particular rules followed worldwide, and each state has its own set of regulations. Before going any further, you must check what is doable in your locality. When it comes to selecting a design, you shall be overwhelmed with the choice of modern duplex home designs.

The need for a dual occupancy home

A dual occupancy house is the most viable solution to liquidate the concealed assets within your backyard. A part of your home can be used for living while the other portion can be rented or leased out to pay for your mortgage or new investment for your business. It goes without saying that having two houses on a plot your own will help to generate income.

In order to build a home of such kind, you must have a permit given by local Melbourne Council, which states that you can construct two homes on a single block of land or further divide them for creating a distinct lot of land.

Various types of dual occupancy homes

When you build homes Melbourne wide, you can retain your existing concrete development and build a new home on the available space within your plot depending upon the accessibility, depth, size and compliance with local planning demands.

On the other hand, you can also demolish your existing home in order to make space for two pre-designed homes Melbourne Council allows. It could be of tandem design with one house behind the other or duplex style where two houses are built side by side. The design of how your new home would look like is heavily dependent on accessibility, site frontage, orientation and depth. Latitude 37

In most cases, the typical dual occupancy development constitutes the tandem style where a new home is built behind the original one. It is always advised to retain the original house as it helps in preserving your capital by keeping two houses on the same area of land. But when your former house is really in a deplorable condition, then demolition seems to be the only viable option.

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