Get the building assessed to determine its quality of construction

You invest your hard earned money, even your entire life savings, to buy that property. Obviously, you will have to take careful steps so that the building you are planning to buy is worth more than what you actually pay for it. As a first step in the right direction, get the building verified for its structural soundness, popularly called as quality of construction. Hence, you must entrust this job to any of the experienced building inspectors Melbourne has, and they would make a technical evaluation of the building.

Registered with government;

These building inspectors are technically qualified to take up such jobs. Once you make a call, the inspectors would visit the place and make a thorough inspection of the building. In fact, almost all the building inspectors Melbourne has are registered with the appropriate government agencies. They work strictly as per the guidelines formed by the government.

Authorized to value the building:

In fact, according to the building regulations, building inspectors are considered as city officials. They are also authorized to value the building and the valuation given by them is regarded as final. In addition to this, there are several other issues regarding the role of building inspectors which are briefly explained here:

· The building inspectors Melbourne based will go around the building and examine every crack or peeled out surface of the wall. The inspector will examine the type of materials used in the construction of the building, quality of wood used for doors and windows and various other factors.

· Any defect noticed will be carefully analyzed. For example, if the inspector noticed any cracks in any part of the building, then he will examine whether the crack is due to defective painting or defective construction. If he finds the crack is attributable to construction, then he will examine the year of construction of the building. For example, if the building is of new construction and if there are some cracks, then the building inspectors in Melbourne would certainly conclude the construction of the building as defective.

· Similarly, if there is some seepage on the wall or underneath the sink, the inspector will evaluate the cause for seepage and also assess the damage the seepage has already caused to the building. Similarly, they will also give due importance to the materials used for the roof. For example, if asbestos has been used for covering the roof, then the building inspector would not certify such a building because asbestos is considered as a health hazard.

· The financial institutions are always guided by the valuation made by the Melbourne building inspectors for purposes of sanction of loan of their clients. In fact, even the insurance agencies always recognize the assessment made by the inspector for determining the premium payable on the building.

· The building inspectors would leave no stone unturned to make thorough inspection of the building. The inspectors are known for their professional integrity; they are always looked up with high esteem. The inspectors will prepare a report based on their evaluation. They always strive to give fair valuation of the building and of course without any hype or prejudice. Visit our website at


Evaluation of the building requires thorough knowledge of construction processes. Hence, the building inspectors must have adequate experience in taking up such works.

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