Home Beautification Tweaks: Installing Skylights the Right Way

Home beautification is an amiable industry today given that the appeal of a house reflects its selling value. If you’re all about house beautification and other applicable features, you should consider installing roof windows or also known as commercial skylights. Skylights are regarded as a natural source of light and give more light in comparison to a window. Skylight installation is not that complicated. If one is acquainted with and trained on the simple method of skylight installation, then one can even decide to do it on his own. However, it is better to call for the professional roof window installers if one finds any difficulty or problem during the mechanism. These simple steps can help anyone become an expert of the right skylight installation method.

skylight installation


The steps that need to be followed to assist installation process are as follows:

Preparing the right equipment to be used and the setup for velux roof windows installation:


1. Place a ladder appropriately to reach the point where the installation has to be done.


2. Take the skylight frame, drill, and pencil and climb the ladder with them.


3. Mark the area and drill a hole in the center of the marked spot.


4. Put a wire hanger into the hole and then climb down the ladder.


5. Go on the top of the roof and find the hole. Push wire hanger through the hole and again do the tracing of the light.


6. Cut out the traced region with a circular saw.


7. To strengthen the support install joist against the direction of the roof joists. If the roof support is horizontal then fix them vertically. Cut out the ceiling and frame it.


After these preparations have been made, the process of skylight installation will begin. Here are the right steps to follow:


1. Measure the distance of three inches from the glass on every side with the help of a measuring tape. Mark with chalk and cut out the shingles with the chalk line made with a utility knife.


2. Then, place a light system into the hole and be certain that it is being fixed in the center. Secure it by using drilling machine and screws.


3. Take the utility knife and cut down the strips of roofing paper, eight inches wide. Slide them carefully beneath the shingles on every side beginning from the lower side. Use shingles and nails if required with the help of pry bar.


4. Fix one piece of bottom flashing. Ensure that it is present at the top and flat against the shingles of the roof. Then, fix some nails in a horizontal direction on sides of skylight installed with a hammer.


5. Then, place few pieces of step flashing under the shingles from bottom to top. Make sure that all individual pieces are overlapping each other with a distance of four inches on each side.


6. Then, a flashing piece is made to slide beyond the surface of the skylight and also under the roof. Put sidepieces of flashing on all the faces till the completion of flashing installation. The head should be fixed on top of the light and below the roofing. Click here for more information http://customskylights.com.au/about-us


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