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When you watch a general knowledge quiz programme, you might sometimes wonder how the participants acquire so much knowledge on such diverse subjects. People usually focus on a few fields with which they are immediately linked to. Their insight into other areas may be very restricted. But there are some trades in which everybody seems to possess some knowledge. Construction is one such activity. This is why many builders offer house & land packages as the best way to buy a house. Unless you have some insight into how these things work, it would become a bit difficult to enjoy the process of buying a property that you can call your own.


Many Angles to Construction


The average living accommodation in this country is the residential unit with 2 or 3 bedrooms. The concept of apartments is also fast catching up, but that is mostly limited to the major metropolitan cities where space is a constraint. For the standalone homes or houses built in a row, the house designs are the starting point.


However, the design itself will depend on the landed property on which the house is to be built. You do have the option to buy a land block if some good offer is made to you. But the builders try and reduce this burden also for you by offering a house & land package that takes care of practically everything you need; the piece of land, the design of your choice, the cost of construction with the basic inputs so that you can simply move in and start living and also the local council approvals. That does not mean that you do not have to learn about the way the construction activities are planned and executed.


Add Your Preferences to the Standard Specifications


From the house packages offered to you, you can choose the one that suits your budget. Have a liberal dose of funds at your disposal? Go ahead and add on a few things beyond the standard fare the builder is offering. Get the tiles replaced with carpet, get better doors and so on. So you will really get the best of both worlds; an attractive house & land package and the nice embellishments you ordered will remove the “ordinary” tag from your house. You can then enjoy living in it and also flaunt your new home to friends unabashedly. That’s the advantage of choosing such attractive packages.


Raise to the Ground and Reconstruct


But if you already have a home or been bequeathed one by your parents and wish to repair and renovate it, the knock down rebuild costs might be cheaper than spending on piecemeal repairs. It is better to sit down with a builder that specialises in such total reconstruction projects and work out a comparison of the costs. You will be surprised to learn that completely bringing down the existing structure and making a new residential unit in its place gives many advantages. The utility lines and connections need to be preserved and restored later. Your new home can last another 20-25 years and even more.


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