Let’s Go Yachting – Relax in the Lap of Luxury

A luxury yacht holiday is the best way to spend quality time with family and friends. The yacht chartering companies provide all the services imaginable that money can buy. The yacht chartering business valued at 8.5 billion US dollars in 2015 is set to cross 18 billion US dollars by 2026 by growing at an annual rate of 7%. This shows the popularity of luxury yachts in the sectors of hospitality and entertainment. The yacht charters offered by these companies cover a long range so as to suit the needs and budget of the clients.

Saint Tropez - Luxury Yacht

The range of luxury yacht charters

The yacht chartering companies provide sailing boats, motor boats and catamarans along with luxury yachts. The Mediterranean yacht charters are the most popular ones because of the breathtaking views and beautiful ports and islands. The yacht charters in Europe are available for all the amazing destinations like France, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, Greece, Spain and Turkey. There are mega yachts available with up to 400 crew members to cater to your needs. The yacht size ranges from 20 m to 80 m. These yacht charters cover all areas like the Amalfi coast, Antibes area, Cannes, St.Tropez, Monaco, Corsica, Italian Riviera, French Riviera, Sardinia and many more amazing destinations. Apart from the extremely popular Mediterranean route, there are yacht charters for the British Isles, Scotland, Norway, England, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Germany and Russia too. Click here 212 Yachts

The yachts vary on the basis of the number of cabins, passengers, size and rentals. The luxury yacht charters for rent are available from €2100 to €12000 per day and €17000 to €3,50,000. There are other simple yachts available for a much lower yacht charter rental. There are up to seven cabins and eleven berths available. All these options can be explored by visiting websites like https://www.212-yachts.com/yacht-charters/search/. Some of the famous brands of yachts include Latitude, VanDutch, Seawater and Alen.

Yacht tenders and RIB’s

Passengers can spend their time on the yacht by making use of the various toys available on board. There are smaller boats called tenders which can be used as speed boats, jets, drag boats, fishing boats. Water sports like scuba diving and water skiing can be indulged in. You can spend time with your partner on a pleasure boat privately and sail along the ocean beside the yacht. The RIB’s are inflated boats which are unsinkable and can be used as life boats or hoverboats to bring the passengers to the land safely. The tenders include facilities like cabins, barbecue, sunpads, satellite radio, cocktail cabinets, small refrigerators, microwaves, high-end sound system, fishing gear, icemaker and much more.


Renting luxury yachts is the latest trend as you get picturesque views of the ocean water. The other benefit is that you can make stops along the way at quaint little towns and ports and explore the local cuisine and culture. You get to see many places while travelling in utmost comfort. So go ahead and grab the opportunity of an unforgettable luxury yacht holiday and spend your vacation in luxury and style.

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